Email us for more information: saanichedpa@gmail.com
If you live in Saanich, sign our online petition.

Write a letter to Council, to the Mayor, and to individual Council members letting them know your concerns – include photos and details.

Mayor Richard Atwell – mayor@saanich.ca
Councillor Dean Murdock, Chair, Environment and Natural Areas Advisory Committee – Dean.Murdock@saanich.ca
Councillor Vicki Sanders, Previous Chair, Environmental Advisory CommitteeVicki.Sanders@saanich.ca
Councillor Vic Derman – Vic.Derman@saanich.ca
Councillor Leif Wergeland – Leif.Wergeland@saanich.ca
Councillor Judy Brownoff – Judy.Brownoff@saanich.ca
Councillor Colin Plant – Colin.Plant@saanich.ca
Councillor Fred Haynes – Fred.Haynes@saanich.ca
Councillor Susan Brice – Susan.Brice@saanich.ca
Council– council@saanich.ca 

If you wish to call, phone numbers can be found at http://www.saanich.ca/EN/main/local-government/mayor-council/meet-your-council.html

Contact senior Saanich staff:

Paul Thorkelsson, CAO – paul.thorkelsson@saanich.ca
Sharon Hvozdanski, Director of Planning – sharon.hvozdanski@saanich.ca
Adriane Pollard, Manager of Environmental Services – adriane.pollard@saanich.ca
Carrie MacPhee, Director of Legislative Services – carrie.macphee@saanich.ca

Contact your local community association to express your concerns.  A list of contacts can be found at this link.

Write a letter to the Times-Colonist or Saanich News.
Raise awareness in your community – tell your neighbours.

Like our Facebook page.

If you are unhappy with how you have been treated by Saanich, please write to Carrie MacPhee, Director of Legislative Services.  If you are unsatisfied, or are getting treated unfairly or unreasonably, then you should contact the Ombudsperson of British Columbia to register your complaint.  You can call them locally at 250-387-5855 or online at www.bcombudsperson.ca.  We initially believed we could link complaints, but this is not the case.  Each complaint will get their own complaint number.

With your help, we can ensure that Saanich’s most sensitive ecosystems are protected.